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Campus and Community

Campus Learning

Learning in and from the Northstar Campus

At Northstar we have one of the most sustainable and green campuses in India, and we will engage students in active, hands-on learning about sustainability and system’s theory. From looking at our water irrigation system to understand water distribution and scarcity to studying photosynthesis in the company of more than 100 different plant and tree species, the Northstar campus provides numerous opportunities for students to learn and to apply their knowledge of for example science or economics in practice.

We understand that learning happens everywhere and that students are more motivated and engaged when learning through real life experiences and when seeing how to apply what they learn in the context of their own lives. We are thus excited for students to learn from exploring our dairy farm, our vegetable garden, our state of the art sports facilities and our camping area.

Community Learning

Learning from the community

At Northstar we believe in the power of community learning. To us, community learning means intentionally including the surrounding community in the design of students’ learning experiences thus making learning relevant to students’ real lives and increasing both motivation and retention. Community is broadly defined and includes everything from the neighboring RK University and local villages to a theatre performance in Rajkot and professionals visiting us from abroad.

Students are encouraged to explore and connect with the world around them both to practice perspective-taking and grow their empathy, but also to understand the complex  interconnectedness of real life circumstances and the need for interdisciplinary approaches to solving real challenges. Finally, by working with and learning from the community, students are exposed to a range of different life paths and professions, allowing them a wider sense of their own possibilities later in life.