Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Brief and Admissions

Admissions for Play Stage (PS) to Grade 12 are currently on. To apply for 2024-25 admissions, click here.

Please see the Admission Procedure page for further details.

For admission to Pre Kindergarten, a child should be minimum of 3 years of age.

The Northstar School is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, UK (Centre Number: IN171). You may know more about CAIE here.

The Northstar School has developed a unique and path-breaking approach to education called the “Northstar Approach.” Northstar Approach is a collective outcome of our founding team‘s experiences at world’s top universities. Northstar Approach permeates all activities at the school.

We conduct a process known as Bridging Interpretation (BI) to allocate appropriate grade placement. BI is NOT an entrance test. Staff and parents work together to complete questionnaires through a combination of classroom-based observations and parents’ authentic information.

BI is administered for the following objectives:
Serious medical, biological, and environmental problems demand swift attention and remediation if maximum development is to be attained.

Early identification of children whose developmental trajectory is delayed or atypical is essential in order to institute timely action to correct or attenuate problems.

Please call 90991 95950 for details regarding school fees.


School timings are as follows:
1. PS: 9 am to 12.30 pm
2. PreK to K2: 9 am to 1.30 pm
3. Grades 1 to 12: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

We have two campuses: The Northstar Nest (our Preschool) and The Northstar School (main campus).

Both campuses are among India’s best campuses and have been featured in global architectural and design magazines.

Please have a look at the campus gallery.

The school has a 24×7 emergency medical transport facility in addition to on-campus first aid services.

Both the campuses have been inspected by relevant government authorities for fire safety compliance. We also have fire evacuation procedures.

Our teachers are also given training for primary first aid and use of fire extinguishers.

Please note that teachers are not authorized medical professionals.

Yes. We do provide campus tours for both the campuses. Please contact us on 7969208909 or hello@northstar.edu.in to arrange for a school visit.

The Northstar Nest campus is located at 2nd Ring Rd, Mota Mava, Rajkot, Gujarat 360005.

The Northstar School main campus is located at Kasturbadham, Rajkot-Bhavnagar Highway, Rajkot, Gujarat 360020.

Life at The Northstar School

We believe that good education entails physical fitness and wellness. Only a handful of school campuses in the country have the open spaces and landscaping that Northstar has. We think it is crucial for learners to experience such a campus life. Being holed-up in a concrete, utilitarian high rise block with no trees is a disservice to kids. Northstar campus naturally creates opportunities for physical fitness as they walk, run and play around in our massive, tree-filled campus. Our spacious campus has the facilities to cater to various sports activities like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Swimming pool, etc. Our Sports and Wellness curriculum is broad and well-rounded to provide learners with exposure to a variety of skills. We also have a custom designed free play area.

We also offer a wide range of learning experiences that go above and beyond the curriculum, such as, Explorations, Mallorn (reading program), Montage (movie club), Horticulture, Noesis (philosophy program), etc. It is impossible to list out the wide range of experiences that your child will get at Northstar.

Pick-up and drop-off transport facility is available for both, City campus and Main campus. All our buses are air-conditioned.

Main Campus: Yes. Optional food service is provided at Main Campus which includes: Fruits on arrival, Breakfast, Lunch and departure snacks.

Nest Campus (preschool): We do not offer food service at our preschool.

Northstar Approach

The Northstar Approach illustrates how we think about education and learning at the Northstar School. Learn more about The Northstar Approach. Also visit our blog to read about learning at Northstar.

At Northstar we consider technology to be a powerful tool that can be used to support student learning. But we recognize that technology is not a pedagogy in itself, and that if not used with due care, it can distract learners rather than help them. At Northstar we always think about the learning goals first and then how technology may or may not support these. This way we make sure only to use technology when it makes sense as a way to enhance student learning.

We follow a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model from grade 5 onwards. We are also device agnostic. We encourage blended learning and flipped models using a variety of resources.

Learning at Northstar is unlike learning at any other school. From a very early age, we expect learners to take charge of their learning. Our Habits of Mind Program helps learners develop learning and life skills that prepare them for college education and also beyond that in professional life. Educators help learners in creating their own learning journeys which requires them to think critically.

Our learners can choose a variety of subjects based on their interest and college/university admission plans. We offer subjects in sciences, commerce and humanities. Our learners have gone to do university degrees in various disciplines such as medical, computer science, management, engineering, etc, both in India and abroad.

Northstar provides individual one-on-one guidance for securing admission in universities across the world. We assist students in choosing their preferred program, writing applications, providing recommendation letters, etc.

Our learners have secured admission in great universities across the world like UCL (UK), Rutgers University (US), Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), University of Nottingham (UK), Azim Premji University (India), NMIMS (India), University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), etc.


The Northstar Nest (City Campus)
2nd Ring Road, Mota Mava,
Rajkot - 360005, Gujarat, India.


The Northstar School (Main Campus)
Adjoining RK University,
Bhavnagar Highway,
Rajkot - 360020, Gujarat, India.

The Northstar School is one of the best international schools in India. The Northstar School is an institution established to take a new approach to teaching and learning. With our progressive learning approach and our incredible design, we are transforming education. We have been featured in magazines across the globe and are recognized as one of the top international schools in the country.