The Northstar School | Design


Design Philosophy

The architecture of the school is a landmark achievement in aesthetic form, practical function and sustainable design practices. The campus buildings and landscapes have been designed by internationally experienced architects.

Christian Norberg-Schulz in his Intentions In Architecture said, “Environment influences human beings and this implies that the purpose of architecture transcends the definition given by early functionalism.” When the Northstar campus was being conceptualized, the central theme was to establish the physical environment as a contributor to and sustainer of learning. We do not see the building as a mere container of people and furniture. The Northstar campus is a “lived space” combining 1) Space: Three dimensional organization of elements making the place and 2) Character: A general atmosphere which is the most comprehensive property of any place.

Northstar, then, becomes a lived space, a space where children learn within it and from it. The Northstar architecture is not imagined as a luxury or something that is made to impress people. It is an “existential space”, comprising of basic relationships between inhabitants and their environment. We think the campus and spaces within it are a critical component of the learning experience.

The core of our design approach is that the space should be a safe space for all its inhabitants. While deliberating on the architecture we used this design framework:

  • Healthy

    • Lighting
    • Ergonomic(child friendly, disable friendly)
    • Ventilation
    • Safe
  • Stimulating

    • Sensory Cues
    • Elements of Surprise
    • Transparency and Visual Access
    • Connection to Nature
    • Color and Texture
    • Diverse Shapes
  • Community & Solitude

    • Social and Community Spaces
    • Spaces for socialization
    • Refuges/Private spaces
  • Adaptable

    • Flexibility
    • Displays
    • Welcoming and familiar
    • User ownership
    • Changeable focal points

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