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The end of goal of education at Northstar is not increase the amount of memorized facts but encourage approaches to life that we believe are positive in their personal, professional and social lives. We have a created Northstar Approach which illustrates our thinking concerning four key member groups of the Northstar ecosystem: Learners, Educators, Learning Environment and Parents & Community.

Educators of Northstar are key to all activities on and off the campus. Our vision for our educators is that they should become:

Inspiring Instructors

Delivering engaging lessons that inspire and motivate students to learn

Caring mentors

Providing caring guidance and advice to help students thrive and learn

Exemplary Role Models
  • Leading through example, showing students how to translate values and attitudes into positive action
  • Leading the culture of collaboration in the school thereby inspiring students to think and work collaboratively.
Insightful Connectors
  • Relying on one’s knowledge of each student when making meaningful connections both with their parents and with relevant community actors.
  • Matching student interest and skill with inspiration and opportunities beyond school.

Join our team of passionate educators and administrators.