The Northstar School | FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will admissions begin?

Admissions for Preschool to Grade 11 are currently on. To apply click here.

Which board/ curriculum does the school follow/is affiliated to?

The Northstar School has developed a unique and path-breaking approach to education called the “Northstar Approach”. Northstar Approach is a collective outcome of our founding team‘s experiences at world’s top universities.

While Northstar Approach permeates all activities at the school, we are authorized to offer Cambridge International Examinations curriculum .

Where is the school campus?

The Northstar School has two campuses in Rajkot (Gujarat):

  • Northstar City Campus: For Preschool students (Play Stage to K2)
  • Northstar Main Campus: Grade 1 to 11

How can I visit the school?

Please contact us on 9099195950 or to arrange for school visit.

What are the timings of the school?

Tentative school timings shall be as follows:

    1. City Campus (Preschool): 9 am to 12.30 pm (Play Stage), 9 am to 1.30 pm (PreK, K1 and K2)
    2. Main Campus (Grade 1 to 11): 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

What type of facilities will be provided in the school?

    1. Academic facilities: ICT ready classrooms with private gardens, library with private garden, science labs, Wifi Campus, Completely air-conditioned buildings, Seminar Hall
    2. Sports Facilities: Swimming pool, Custom designed play areas, Tennis court, Volleyball court, Skating Rink, Cricket ground, Football field, 400 meter athletic track, camping site,  Sand Pits, Indoor sports, Walking trail.
    3. General facilities: Breakfast, Lunch and 2 time snacks for day boarders, Amphitheatre, Fish pond, Custom designed age appropriate play areas.

What transport facility is available of students?

Door to Door pick-up and drop-off transport facility will be available for both, City campus and Main campus. All our buses are Air Conditioned.

Does the school have residential (hostel) facilities?

No. We intend to start residential facilities in the future.

What is the fee structure?

Please call 90991 95950 for details on school fees.

Is there any entrance test for admission?

  1. PS to K2:  Northstar Developmental Screening Process
    1. Staff and parents work together to complete questionnaires through a combination of classroom-based observations and parents’ authentic information
    2. NDSP is administered for the following objectives:
      1. Serious medical, biological, and environmental problems demand swift attention and remediation if maximum development is to be attained.
      2. Early identification of children whose developmental trajectory is delayed or atypical is essential in order to institute timely action to correct or attenuate problems.
  2. Grade 1 to 11: English and Mathematics – Diagnostic Assessment.

What documents are required for admission procedure?

Please see Admission Procedure page for details.

How much homework will be given to students?

We aim to make school an enjoyable and productive experience for the child. We do not believe in burdening kids with excessive homework. We only give essential extension activities as “homework” not requiring much time.

Will students be using technology in classroom? If Yes, what gadgets will they use and will they be provided by school?

At Northstar we consider technology to be a powerful tool that can be used to support student learning. But we recognize that technology is not a pedagogy in itself, and that if not used with due care, it can distract learners rather than help them. At Northstar we always think about the learning goals first and then how technology may or may not support these. This way we make sure only to use technology when it makes sense as a way to enhance student learning.

The Northstar School has partnered with Google to offer all Google services to our students and staff. We follow a BYOD model from grade 5 onwards. We are also device agnostic. We encourage blended learning and flipped model using a variety of resources.

How many meals and what type of meals will the school provide if we opt for Food Services?

Students will be provided with Breakfast, Lunch and 2 snacks

How many students will each class have?

Each class will have 20-25 students.

What would be the Teacher - Student ratio?

Teacher:Student ratio will be around 1 : 10

Will the stationary (pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, colours, folders, files etc.) be provided from school?


Are the classrooms Air Conditioned?

The entire Northstar School campus is centrally Air Conditioned.

Is there any immediate Emergency First Aid Service set up in your school since it is far from the main city?

The school has a 24×7 emergency medical transport facility in addition to on-campus first aid services.